January 2017

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Best Quirky and Retro bars in Paris

Barrio Latino is a great place for entertainment offers salsa and tango dancers on the ground floor, it’s a beautiful place that’s has four floors, with beautiful stairs taking you to each floor, its really is a charming and majestic place, this is mainly a restaurant with a bar area but its somewhere you would go to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining meal and drinks

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15 Things to do in Paris

Paris can have multiple effects on people, specially knowing that some people have a ‘Paris Syndrome’, but if you visiting Paris, France you have to do this things, to feel like you have experienced Paris.

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15 Things You Need To Try While In Paris

France is becoming the capital city for food, We all know the french love their wine but they also becoming a food country, and lovers of sugar, carbs and fat, here’s a list of food you should eat while in Paris, France.

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Quirky and Retro Bars in Birmingham

Birmingham is known for its industrial revolution and the second largest city in England but what you don’t know is the fact that it’s a really popular city with a upbeat nightlife, that would definitely make you want to come back and spend more time exploring it.
I have seriously enjoyed many nights out in Birmingham, but still have missed a lot of under ground bars that only a handful of people know about.

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How To Make Money While Traveling

Becoming a traveler and not having to worry about money is everyone dream, but that’s not the case for a lot of travelers because you are usually on a small budget and require a job to pay your bills as you travel.

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