April 2018


10 Porte du Peyrou Facts

Fun and Interesting facts about, The Porte du Peyrou was built in 1691, on the ruins of the old city walls and is dedicated to King Louis XIV of France, few years later in 1715, Panels in bas-relief and inscriptions of the glorifying King Louis XIV of France were added, Facts about Porte du Peyrou,Porte du Peyrou facts

Sagrada Família inside view

20 Sagrada Familia Facts

Fun and Interesting Facts About Sagrada Familia Gaudí disliked straight lines and angles because they don’t often appear naturally. Instead, he based his design on the swirling curves of nature. The construction of La Sagrada Familia has been funded by donations. The Sagrada Familia has lights all around it, so at night, it glows a bright …

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Alcazaba of Malaga

10 Alcazaba of Malaga Facts

Fun & Interesting Facts About Alcazaba of Malaga The Alcazaba is the best-preserved Moorish fortress-palace in Spain. Alcazaba was used as a State prison. The Alcazaba of Málaga is a fortress-palace built between 1057 and 1063. Alcazaba takes its meaning from the Arabic, which means ‘citadel’. Muslim origin of the Alcazaba, its name arises, which in …

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Alcazaba of Malaga

Alcazaba of Malaga

The Alcazaba of Malaga is a historic palace and fortress built in the eleventh and fourteenth centuries by the Hummudid Dynasty and served as Moorish rulers living quarters, without a doubt the location of the fortress has the most beautiful view of Malaga as well as a great strategic location during the Roman, Moorish and …

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Almudena Cathedral Facts

Almudena Cathedral Facts

Almudena Cathedral Facts, Almudena construction began in 1883 and not finished until 1993, is dedicated to the Virgin of Almudena and was consecrated by Pope John Paul II and styled in neo-classical style, facts about Almudena Cathedral

malaga cathedral

10 Malaga Cathedral Facts

Fun and interesting facts about Malaga Cathedral, La Manquita was built between 1528 and 1782 and is the second highest cathedral in Andalusia, the cathedral has its own gardens and is styled in Renaissance and Baroque style, the cathedral is technically still unfinished

Facts About Lyon Cathedral

10 Lyon Cathedral Facts

Lyon Cathedral Facts, The Lyon Cathedral was founded by Saint Irenaeus and Saint Pothinus and is dedicated to the Saint John the Baptist, built between 1180 and 1476 the cathedral is known as ‘Primatiale’ , Facts About Lyon Cathedral

Lungo il Tevere Festival

Lungo il Tevere Festival

Lungo il Tevere Festival is a summer-long festival with live music, bars, craft stalls and exhibitions as well as film screenings and sports activities all surrounding the banks of the river Tiber, Every year between 9th of July and the 3rd of September

Discovering London’s Street Food Markets

Discovering London’s Street Food Markets

Recently we discovered London’s street food markets, London is well known for its overpriced housing and luxury restaurants however the street food markets are buzzing full of people wanting quality food for only a small fee, most street foods are family owned and offer something you wouldn’t find anywhere else, with different cuisines from Chinese, Vietnamese …

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Rome Facts

40 Amazing Facts about Rome

Fun & Interesting  Facts About Rome Rome Hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics. Rome is the seat of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO. Rome became the capital city of Kingdom of Italy in 1870, which was previously held by Florence. Rome is known as the “Caput Mundi”, which translates from Latin, means “Capital of …

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