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Facts About celje

20 Interesting Facts About Celje

Facts About Celje Celje Information Celje Details Statistics Traditional region Styria Statistical region Savinja Total Area 22.7 km2 (8.8 sq mi) Total Estimated Population 37,872 Town rights 11 April 1451 Climate Cfb Official Website

Facts About Ljubljana

20 Interesting Facts About Ljubljana

Facts About Ljubljana Ljubljana Information Ljubljana Information Statistics Ljubljana Capital City of Slovenia Municipality City Municipality of Ljubljana First mention 1112–1125 Town privileges 1220–1243 City Total Area 163.8 km2 (63.2 sq mi) Vehicle Registration LJ Official Website Ljubljana is a captivating and culturally rich capital city located in the heart of Slovenia. Ljubljana’s historical …

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Facts About Velenje

10 Interesting Facts About Velenje

Facts About Velenje Learn More About Velenje Velenje Information Velenje Information Statistics Officially Settled 1889 Town privileges 1951 Total Estimated Area 12.59 km2 (4.86 sq mi) Estimated Population 24,327 (2019) Coordinates 46°21′45″N 15°06′52″E Official Website

Discovering Cam Ranh

Discovering Cam Ranh

Cam Ranh Nestled along the picturesque southeastern coast of Vietnam lies Cam Ranh, a coastal city in the Khanh Hoa Province. This hidden gem boasts a rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and a rapidly growing tourist scene. From its strategic military significance to the captivating allure of its pristine beaches, Cam Ranh offers a mesmerizing experience …

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Facts About Kranj

10 Interesting Facts About Kranj

Facts About Kranj Kranj Information Total Area of Kranj 26.3 km2 (10.2 sq mi) Municipality Kranj Total Population 37,941, as of 2020 Time zone UTC+01 (CET) UTC+02 (CEST) Official Website

Novo Mesto, Slovenia - Historical Gem

10 Interesting Facts About Novo Mesto

Facts About Novo Mesto Mesto Information Founded 7 April 1365 as Růdolfswerde Founded by Rudolf IV of Austria Total Area 33.3 km2 (12.9 sq mi) Elevation 181 m (594 ft) above sea level Official Website

Facts About Koper, Slovenia

10 Interesting Facts About Koper

Facts About Koper Koper Information officially Language Slovene and Italian Total Area 13.0 km2 (5.0 sq mi) Elevation 3 m (10 ft) above sea level Estimated Population 25,753 Official Website

Ptuj, Slovenia facts

20 Interesting Facts About Ptuj

Facts About Ptuj Ptuj City Information Ptuj Information Type City First mention AD 69 Town privileges 1376 Founded by Vespasian Elevation 232 m (761 ft) above sea level Official Website

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