What is the longest river in Europe?

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The Volga



The Volga is the Longest River in Europe and the 18th longest in the world. 


THE Volga River

Volga Information

Volga has a length of 3,531 km (2,194 mi), and a catchment area of 1,360,000 km2 (530,000 sq mi).



The River              Flows

The river flows in Russia through forests, forest-steppes and steppes. Four of the ten largest cities of Russia, including the nation's capital, Moscow, are located in the Volga's drainage basin.

The Volga has many tributaries, most importantly the rivers Kama, the Oka, the Vetluga, and the Sura.


Volga River

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The old Russian state, the Rus' Khaganate, arose along the Volga between the late-8th and mid-9th centuries AD. Historically, it was an important meeting place of Eurasian civilizations.

The Volga River