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  • Reasons to visit London

    Reasons to visit London

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    London is world renowned for its huge variety of restaurants, covering every nationality and culture from A to Z, London is filled with beautiful gardens, from royal gardens to small gardens tended to by volunteers. You can go to Buckingham Palace and see where the Queen lives. Great architecture, modern and historical living together side…

  • 8 Montpellier Zoological Park Facts

    8 Montpellier Zoological Park Facts

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    Montpellier Zoological Park Facts, Montpellier Zoological Park opened in 1964, second largest Zoo park in France and has the largest tropical greenhouse in France, facts about Montpellier Zoo, The zebra was the first species introduced in the Montpellier Zoological Park, facts about Montpellier Zoological Park

  • British Museum

    British Museum

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    The British Museum situated in the Bloomsbury area of London, Museum opened on 15th of January 1759 and was the world’s first national Museum to be open to the public, anyone can visit the museum and look at strange and wonderful objects that were collected from all over the world and now has a collection…

  • The Shard

    The Shard

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    The Shard is a 95 storey skyscraper in Southwark, London. standing at 309.6 meters high, the Shard is also the tallest construction in the United Kingdom, the 4th tallest building in Europe as well as the 105th tallest building on Earth. Renzo Piano, the project’s architect, made the Shard as a spire like sculpture appearing…