10 Basel Facts


Facts About Basel

  1. Basel is the third-largest Swiss City.
  2. Basel is the capital of the Swiss canton of Basel Stadt.
  3. The city has a population of 171,017, as of 2017.
  4. Basel was originally a Celtic settlement of the Rauraci tribe.
  5. Basel is well known for its chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  6. The earliest mention of the city’s former name ‘Basilea’ is from ancient documents dated to 374 BC.
  7. Basel regional language is the Swiss-German Dialect known as Baslerdytsch.
  8. Basel has been the seat of a Prince-Bishopric since the 11th century.
  9. Basel joined the Swiss Confederacy in 1501.
  10. In 1897 the first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel. 

Basel Facts