10 Iconic Attractions To See In Birmingham

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Birmingham is the second largest city in England and is located in West Midlands, It’s also known as the Workshop of the World, because this is the place that industrial Revolution began, After the industrial Revolution the city changed its factory and warehouses in to apartment building, studios, art galleries and much more, It’s also a very popular location for business travellers and tourists. Here are the most iconic attractions you should see in Birmingham.

Birmingham New Street Station

New Street station was built between 1846 & 1854, It’s the largest station railway station in Birmingham, its also the rail way hub of west midlands, New Street Station received a major redevelopment in 2015, above New Street Station, New shopping center also opened up called Grand Central which is located above the New Street Station


Victoria Square

Victoria Square is a meeting place for the public, its a junction of the popular streets New street, Paradise Street and Colmore Row, its named Victoria Square after Queen Victoria, it’s a popular place for events such as the Christmas market, live bands and cultural events, It also the location of the Town Hall.


Bull Ring

Bullring was build in 2003 by architecture firm Future Systems, Since the building was build it has become an iconic architectural landmark in Birmingham, it was what everyone says a regeneration of Birmingham, it has a facade comprises 15,000 anodised aluminium Discs placed on a blue background, it has over 160 stores to explore and also became one of the most popular destination for retail in United Kingdom, The iconic design of the bullring was awarded RIBA award, Concrete Society award and Structural steel award, that’s just a few awards it received.


Library of Birmingham

The Library was build in 2013 and was designed by architect Mecanoo, its the largest public library in united kingdom and largest public cultural space in Europe and largest regional library in Europe, It replaced the old Birmingham library which got knocked down in 2015, The new library is a part of Birmingham councils 20 year plan to redevelop the city. The Library holds a collection of archives, photographs and rare books, and a million printed volumes and also has a collection of over 400,000 books, It’s the 10th most popular visitors attraction in the United Kingdom.


Birmingham Museum and art Gallery

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has collection of international importance, such as 16th Century Engraved Medal, Earl Robert Dudley, Amazon Ware Pot, Baluster Jug and much more, the Museum and Art Gallery covers fine art, ethnography, ceramics , Metalwork and local and industrial history. It’s also the largest independent Museum trust in United Kingdom, It first opened in 1885.


ThinkTank Science Museum

Think Tank first opened up in its new location is 2001 and is located in Millennium Point, about 5 to 10 minute walk from bullring, it has over 200 Hands on exhibits and over 4 floors, also a state of the art planetarium, It has collection of Stream engines, talking robotics, chocolate wrapping machine and many other fanatic exhibits.


Birmingham back to backs

The Birmingham Back to Backs is also known as the court, its located between 50-54 Inge street and 55-63 Hurst street, its the last surviving back to back houses in Birmingham, these type of courtyards were build to help increase the population of Britain industrial towns, now you can take a tour thought time between 1840’s though 1970’s, have a look at how life was like.



Custard Factory

The Custard Factory is located in Digbeth Birmingham,England, Its around 10 to 15 minutes walk from the main shopping area, Bullring, It’s known as the creative and digital area for business, it has funky and unique stores, its a 15 acre restored Victorian Factory, It has hundreds of small business located in the area and will differently provide you with some stunning pictures.



Birmingham Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of Saint Philip, it’s where the Bishop of Birmingham seats, build between 1710-1725 as parish church, it architecture work of Thomas archer, The location of the cathedral is right next to snow hill station, one of three stations in Birmingham, on Colmore Row, and is a popular meeting place for the public, and sometimes holds a small market. The Cathedral is open for prayer, for visitors, for school parties and guided tours each day.


Cadbury World

Cadbury World was first opened in 1990 in Bournville, it’s one of the most popular attractions in Birmingham and also the largest leisure attraction, which has over half a million people visit it each year, Cadbury World offers tours to explore & discover chocolate history and the original story of Cadbury.



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