10 Informative Facts About Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park Facts

Facts About Abisko National Park

  1. Abisko National Park is known for its flowers on Mount Njulla, the Northern Lights, and its valley.
  2. The Sami people have inhabited the region for thousands of years.
  3. Abisko National Park is a National Park in Sweden, established in 1909.
  4. Permafrost is common in the national park, though permafrost at lower elevations is disappearing because of global warming and increased snowfall.
  5. Abisko is situated in the Swedish province of Lapland near the Norwegian border and belongs to Kiruna Municipality, Sweden’s northernmost and largest municipality. 
  6. The park was proposed and established in 1909, the same year Sweden’s first laws on nature conservation were created, by a group of prominent Swedish scientists, including the well-known geologist Fredrik Svenonius
  7. There is a scientific research station near the park called the Abisko Scientific research Station that hosts scientists from around the world. They study climate change, among other things.
  8. The National Park is home to a few preditors. These include wolverines, bears, and lynxes.
  9. Other wildlife and birds that can be found in Abisko National Park includes elk, reindeer, moose, golden eagles, gerfalcons, Arctic leaf warblers, and a variety of other birds.
  10. The purpose of the Abisko National Park was to “preserve an area with northern Nordic fell nature in its original condition and as a reminiscence for scientific research”.
Facts About Abisko National Park
Facts About Abisko National Park
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