10 Informative Facts About Koknese

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Facts About Koknese

  1. Koknese is a historic town in Latvia, the administrative centre of Koknese Municipality on the right bank of the Daugava River.
  2. The site of Koknese was originally a Latgalian and Selonian settlement named Kukenois.
  3. The Coat of arms of Koknese depicts a boat, a key, and a crosier.
  4. The Koknese Manor Park, located over parts of the medieval town and castle ruins, contains the tallest wooden sculpture in the country. The structure, built by Ģirts Burvis, was opened in 2002 to commemorate the 725th anniversary of the town’s foundation.
  5. The town, known in German as Kokenhusen, received its town privileges in 1277.
  6. The Population of Koknese is 5,013, as of 2019.
  7. Playwright Rūdolfs Blaumanis lived in Koknese during the 1880s.
  8. Koknese is a participant in the New Hanseatic League, an association with the goal of developing the economy and tourism of its constituent cities.
  9. The Plavinas Hydro Power Plant was commissioned near the town in 1966. Its construction left the foundation of the castle ruins underwater.
  10. A railway line running through Koknese was completed by 1861, allowing the town to become a recreational site.
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