10 Interesting Facts About Anaheim

Facts About Anaheim

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Facts About Anaheim

  • Anaheim’s name is a blend of Ana, after the nearby Santa Ana River, and German -Heim meaning “home”, which is also a common Germanic place name compound
  • The city has a total area of 50.8 square miles, 49.8 square miles of which is land and 1.0 square mile of which is water.
  • Carl Karcher, Carl’s Jr.’s owner lived at Anaheim where they opened their first restaurant Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue, now Carl’s Jr.
  • Anaheim was founded by fifty German families in 1857 and incorporated as the second city in Los Angeles County on March 18, 1876; Orange County was split off from Los Angeles County in 1889.
  • In 1924 Anaheim hosted its very first Halloween parade and till today it continues to hold one of the largest parades in the US.
  • Anaheim was incorporated as a city for the first time in 1870.
  • The city is home to the largest and most impressive convention centres on the West Coast.
  • Anaheim has the following sister cities Mito, Japan & Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
  • The elevation of Anaheim is 157 ft above sea level.
  • The city was founded by winemakers and grape farmers. After grape crops failed oranges became the largest crop in the city.


Facts About Anaheim
Facts About Anaheim
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