10 Interesting Facts About Barysaw

Facts About Barysaw

Facts About Barysaw

  1. Barysaw is first mentioned in the Laurentian Codex as being founded in 1102 by the Polotsk prince Rogvolod Vseslavich.
  2. Barysaw is twinned with Kapan, Armenia; Narva, Estonia; Podolsk, Russia; Pazardzhik, Bulgaria & Maloyaroslavets, Russia.
  3. The town is divided by the river into old and new parts connected by two bridges.
  4. Since May 1948 the city has been home to the headquarters of the 7th Tank Army, which became the 65th Army Corps and then the North Western Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Belarus in 2001.
  5. Barysaw is a city in Belarus situated near the Berezina River in the Minsk Region.
  6. The estimated Population of Barysaw is 143,287, as of 2017.
  7. Barysaw water comes from an artesian well and is very clean and healthy.
  8. BATE Borisov Football Team situated in Barysaw, has won the Belarusian Premier League 15 times and competed in the UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League.
  9. Notable Residents of Barysaw: Anatoly Andreyevich Gromyko, Anatoly Chubais, Haim Laskov, Andrei Aramnau & Dzmitry Baha.
  10. After the Partitions of Poland, Barysaw was an uyezd town located in the Minsk Governorate.
Facts About Barysaw
Interesting Facts About Barysaw