10 Interesting Facts About Bellevue

Facts About Bellevue

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Facts About Bellevue

  1. The city’s name is derived from the French term belle vue, “beautiful view.
  2. Bellevue is a city in the Eastside region of King County, Washington, United States
  3. Bellevue is the third-largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area and has variously been characterized as an edge city, a suburb, boomburb, or satellite city.
  4. Bellevue was first settled by European Americans in 1869 by William Meydenbauer and Aaron Mercer, who claimed homestead tracts several miles apart.
  5. The city has a total area of 36.47 square miles, of which 31.97 square miles is land and 4.50 square miles is water.
  6. Bellevue is located at 47°36′N 122°12′W (47.5976, -122.1592).
  7. Bellevue was incorporated as a city in 1953.
  8. Bellevue is the fifth-largest city in Washington, with an estimated population of 145,300 (2019).
  9. Bellevue is twinned with the following sister cities: Hualien, Taiwan; Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Japan; Kladno, Czech Republic & Liepāja, Latvia.
  10. Bellevue is a major employment centre within the Puget Sound region. Its employment base is expected to grow 30% over the next 20 years, resulting in an increase of 35,000 new jobs.
Facts About Bellevue
Interesting Facts About Bellevue
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