10 Interesting Facts About Bixby, Oklahoma

Facts About Bixby, Oklahoma

Facts About Bixby

  1. Bixby was incorporated in 1906 and its first election was held in February of 1907.
  2. The original townsite of present-day Bixby was 1/2 mile south of the existing downtown.
  3. Bixby became a town in 1899.
  4. The south Tulsa County town called Bixby was named for Tams Bixby, a member of the Dawes Commission and its chair from 1903.
  5. Bixby became the 19th largest city in Oklahoma.
  6. Bixby is nicknamed “The Garden Spot of Oklahoma” for its rich agrarian heritage.
  7. Bixby is located at 35°57′39″N 95°52′42″W (35.960898, −95.878258).
  8. Oil fields were discovered near the city in 1913, which helped Bixby develop economically.
  9. The city of Bixby has a total area of 25.1 square miles, of which 24.0 square miles is land and 1.0 square miles is water.
  10. The average elevation is 750 ft above MSL.


Facts About Bixby, Oklahoma
Interesting Facts About Bixby, Oklahoma