10 Interesting Facts About Butte-Silver Bow

Facts About Butte-Silver Bow

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Facts About Butte-Silver Bow

  1. Butte is the county seat of Silver Bow County, Montana, United States.
  2. The city covers 718 square miles of which 716.25 sq mi is land and 0.57 sq mi is water.
  3. The city was named for a nearby landform, Big Butte, by the early miners.
  4. The city of Butte and Silver Bow county merged in 1977, officially creating the city of Butte-Silver Bow.
  5. Butte-Silver is twinned with the following sister cities Altensteig, Baden-Württemberg, Germany & Bytom, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.
  6. Butte is Home to The World Museum of Mining, With over 50 exhibit buildings, endless artefacts and an underground mine tour.
  7. Novelist Marian Jensen also has published a mystery series named Mining City Mysteries, which is set in Butte and the surrounding region.
  8. In the 1890s, Butte supplied over 25% of the world’s copper and over 50% of the United States’ copper.
  9. Butte Is Home to the Oldest Chinese Restaurant in America, Pekin Noodle Parlor, the oldest continuously running Chinese restaurant in America.
  10. Butte-Silver Bow has a population density of 46.8 people per square mile.


Facts About Butte-Silver Bow
Facts About Butte-Silver Bow
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