10 Interesting Facts About Děčín

Facts About Děčín

Facts About Děčín

  • Děčín is a city in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic.
  • Děčín is the administrative seat of the Děčín District and it is the 6th largest municipality of the Czech Republic by area.
  • Děčín is located in northwestern Bohemia, at the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Ploučnice. The Elbe cut through the soft sandstone mountains of the region, and the city lies in the transition zone between Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains in the north and the Central Bohemian Uplands in the south.
  • Děčín is located at 50°46’56″N 14°12’53″E (50.7821500, 14.2147800).
  • Děčín is made up of two towns, one on either side of the Elbe; the old town of Děčín is on the right bank, and on the left bank is Podmokly, which was incorporated in 1942 during the German occupation of World War II.
  • The estimated population of Děčín is 49,005.
  • The Děčín (Tetschen) area was settled by the Slavic tribe of the Děčané in the 9th century, whence its name.
  • Děčín is made up of 35 city parts and villages.
  • Děčín is twinned with Bełchatów, Poland; Jonava, Lithuania; Pirna, Germany; Přerov, Czech Republic & Ružomberok, Slovakia.
  • The average elevation of Děčín is 135 m above sea level.
Facts About Děčín
Facts About Děčín