10 Interesting Facts About Duncan, Oklahoma

Facts About Duncan

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Facts About Duncan

Duncan, Oklahoma is a beautiful and growing community. Here are some facts about the city:

  1. The city has a total area of 46.0 square miles, of which 38.8 square miles is land and 7.2 square miles is water.
  2. The City of Duncan is named after William Duncan. He came to Oklahoma around 1870, where he married a Chickasaw woman. He started a Store called the “Duncan Store” near cow Creek. His store was one of the vital trade centres for travellers to Ft. Sill and along the Chisholm Trail.
  3. Duncan receives 34 inches of rain annually, but only five inches of snowfall.
  4. Duncan once adopted the slogan, “The Buckle on the Oil Belt”. Its main claim to fame is the birthplace of the Halliburton Corporation.
  5. The first house in the town was constructed in 1895 by Edward Brownlee, who later became Duncan’s first postmaster and mayor.
  6. In 1901 a federal townsite survey added an additional 540 acres to the developing town.
  7. The estimated population of Duncan is 22,529, as of 2020.
  8. Duncan is known for crape myrtle trees, Oklahoma prairie and rich farmland.
  9. Duncan became the county seat after Oklahoma achieved statehood in 1907.
  10. Duncan is forty miles south of Chickasha, thirty-two miles southeast of Lawton, eighty-one miles southwest of Oklahoma City, and forty-four miles north of the Oklahoma-Texas State line on U.S. Highway 81.
Duncan Facts
Facts About Duncan, Oklahoma
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