10 Interesting Facts About Eagle, Idaho

Facts About Eagle, Idaho

Facts About Eagle

  1. The city of Eagle came to be when gold was discovered there in 1862. The township was first farmed by Truman Catlin and Polete Mace.
  2. The city has a total area of 29.40 square miles, of which 28.92 square miles is land and 0.48 square miles is water.
  3. The 2008 NBC reality television show The Baby Borrowers was filmed in Eagle. Eagle also served as a filming location for the 1980 film Bronco Billy
  4. Eagle is located at 43°41′35″N 116°20′47″W, at an elevation of 2,566 feet above sea level.
  5. In October 2001, the Eagle Museum of History and Preservation was opened.
  6. In 1877, a man named Thomas Hugh Aikens bought land on the north and south sides of the Boise River.
  7. The estimated population of Eagle is 26,514, as of 2019.
  8. Eagle is located in Ada County, which was founded in 1864.
  9. This region experiences warm to hot, dry summers, and cold, dry winters, with summer high temperatures averaging 85 °F and winter low temperatures averaging 25.6 °F.
  10. In 1904, Aikens and retired teamster John Carpenter decided to plat and sell fifteen acres to the town for development. Shortly after, the township was officially named Eagle.


Facts About Eagle, Idaho
Facts About Eagle, Idaho