10 Interesting Facts About Farmington

Facts About Farmington

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Facts About Farmington

  • Farmington is a city in San Juan County in the U.S. state of New Mexico.
  • Farmington is located at the junction of the San Juan River, the Animas River, and the La Plata River, and is located on the Colorado Plateau.
  • Farmington is the largest city of San Juan County, one of the geographically largest counties in the United States covering 5,538 square miles (14,340 km2).
  • The area that is now Farmington was settled by Ancestral Pueblo people in the 7th Century. Ruins can be visited at nearby Salmon Ruins and at Aztec Ruins.
  • Farmington has a total area of 32.0 square miles, of which 31.5 square miles is land and 0.5 square miles is water.
  • Farmington has a semi-arid climate. The city can experience hot summers and cold winters with low precipitation throughout the year. The average annual snowfall is 12.3 inches.
  • Farmington was founded in 1901.
  • The Navajo Nation is west of Farmington, the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation is to the northwest, and the Southern Ute Indian Reservation is northeast of the city.
  • The estimated elevation of Farmington is 5,395 feet above sea level.
  • The area of Farmington was originally known as “Junction City” because of the access to the three rivers.


Facts About Farmington
Facts About Farmington
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