10 Interesting Facts About Faro, Yukon


Facts About Faro, Yukon

Facts About Faro

  • Faro is a town in the central Yukon, Canada, formerly the home of the Faro Mine, the largest open-pit lead-zinc mine in the world as well as a significant producer of silver and other natural resource ventures.
  • As these industries have declined over the past decade, Faro is attempting to attract eco-tourists to the region to view such animals as Dall’s sheep and Stone’s sheep, a species of mountain sheep almost unique to the surrounding area.
  • Fannin Sheep, found only in the Yukon and NWT, is celebrated each year at Faro’s Crane & Sheep Festival.
  • Faro is 814 ft above sea level.
  • The area was prospected in the 1950s and 1960s by Al Kulan, credited with discovering several significant deposits of lead and zinc ore and playing a major role in the discovery of the Faro Mine, which became Canada’s largest lead-zinc mine.
  • The Estimated Population of Faro is 344.
  • Faro lies along the Tintina Trench, a linear valley that stretches from British Columbia across Yukon to Alaska.
  • The town is served by the Faro Airport. Yukon Highway 4 passes through just south of Faro.
  • Lorne Greene, famous for his work in Bonanza, once narrated a film about Faro called A New World in the Yukon.
  • Faro median population age is 50 years old.
Facts About Faro, Yukon
Facts About Faro, Yukon