10 Interesting Facts About Garden City, Kansas

Facts About Garden City, Kansas

Facts About Garden City

  1. Garden City was founded in 1878 by W.D. Twichell, who purchased land from the Santa Fe Railroad to create a town that would serve as a stopover for people travelling between Fort Riley and Denver.
  2. The Garden City Skyline Chili Festival is held annually on Labor Day weekend. This festival features live music, a chilli cook-off, and an arts and crafts fair.
  3. Garden City was named after the Garden of Eden, by settlers who came to the area in 1857.
  4. In 1922, The Big Dipper opened, it was one of the world’s largest swimming Pools and the largest one where you could swim for free.
  5. There are over 20 languages spoken in the Garden City area, with an estimated population of Garden city is 28,151, as of 2020.
  6. The city is home to Garden City Community College and the Lee Richardson Zoo, the largest zoological park in western Kansas.
  7. The Garden city lies on the north side of the Arkansas River in the High Plains region of the Great Plains.
  8. Garden City has a total area of 8.82 square miles, of which all is land.
  9. Garden City has two sister cities Oristano, Sardinia, Italy & Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica.
  10. The Tiger King Was Born in Garden City. Netflix: Tiger King


Facts About Garden City, Kansas
Facts About Garden City, Kansas