10 Interesting Facts About Garland

Facts About Garland

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Facts About Garland

  • The towns of Embree and Duck Creek were combined, and to form the city of Garland, which was incorporated in 1891.
  • Garland is located at 32°54′26″N 96°38′7″W (32.907325, -96.635197).
  • The city has a total area of 57.1 sq mi, of which all of it is land.
  • The famous Spring Creek Forest Preserve in the city of Garland has trees that are over 300 years old as well as 650 plant species.
  • The Star Trek Lane in the city is the first official place name for the television series Star Trek.
  • Garland includes over 2,880 acres of parkland, six recreation centres, and 63 parks.
  • The estimated population of Garland is 238,418, as of 2019.
  • Garland is a Texas city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area.
  • Garland is part of the humid subtropical region. The average warmest month is July, with the highest recorded temperature being 111 °F in 2000.
  • Garland’s economy is industrialized and supplemented by the farm crops grown on the nearby Blacklands Belt.


Facts About Garland
Facts About Garland
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