10 Interesting Facts About Glace Bay

Facts About Glace Bay

Facts About Glace Bay

  • Glace Bay is a community in the eastern part of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in Glace Bay was 36.7 °C on 18 August 1935. The lowest temperature ever recorded was −31.7 °C on 31 January 1873, 29 January 1877 and 15 February 1916.
  • On 1 August 1995 Glace Bay lost its status as a town when it was combined with the city of Sydney and five other towns in the area.
  • The French, who mined coal for Louisbourg from the cliffs, called the location “Baie de Glace.” The name was a reference to annual drift ice from the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Glace Bay was once a coal-mining town. In 1860, the Glace Bay Mining Company was formed and it operated two mines.
  • The Estimated Population of Glace Bay is 19,076.
  • The Dominion Coal Company, founded in 1893, made Glace Bay a boomtown.
  • In 1995 the town was amalgamated into the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
  • The Miners Museum is a tribute to the people of Glace Bay and the surrounding coal towns.
  • The Elevation of Glace Bay is 0 to 183.72 ft above sea level.
Facts About Glace Bay
Facts About Glace Bay