10 Interesting Facts About Grodno

Facts About Grodno

Facts About Grodno

  • Grodno is a city in western Belarus, on the Neman River. 
  • Since 1996 the biggest in Belarus Festival of National Cultures is held in Grodno Every two years the Festival of National Cultures invites many guests into the city.
  • The estimated population of Grodno is 373,547, as of 2019.
  • Grodno is the capital of Grodno Region and Grodno District.
  • The first reference to Grodno dates to 1005.
  • Grodno was officially founded in 1127.
  • Grodno is twinned with Alytus, Lithuania; Ashkelon, Israel; Augustów, Poland; Białystok, Poland; Cheboksary, Russia; Druskininkai, Lithuania; Dzerzhinsk, Russia; Khimki, Russia; Kraljevo, Serbia; Lazdijai, Lithuania; Limoges, France; Minden, Germany; Qabala District, Azerbaijan; Rancho Cordova, United States; Shchukino District, Russia; Słupsk, Poland; Tambov, Russia; Tuapsinsky District, Russia; Vologda, Russia & Žilina, Slovakia.
  • There are four mass graves of Jews near the city, on which monuments were erected after World War II.
  • Grodno has the following rivers flowing through the city: The Neman River, The Lasosna River and the Haradnichanka River with its branch the Yurysdyka River.
  • Grodna is one of the starting towns of Lithuania in the turn-based strategy game Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms.
Facts About Grodno
Interesting Facts About Grodno