10 Interesting Facts About Havre, Montana

Facts About Havre, Montana

Facts About Havre

  1. Havre was incorporated in north-central Montana in 1893.
  2. The City of Havre has an estimated population of 9,392 as of July 1, 2021.
  3. Havre was founded primarily to serve as a major railroad service centre for the Great Northern Railway with its location midway between Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  4. Originally named Bullhook Bottoms, the town met in a series of meetings to determine a new name. The original settlers were given the final decision, and due to a strong French influence, the town was renamed Havre.
  5. Simon Pepin (1840–1914), known as the “Father of Havre”, was born in Quebec and emigrated to Montana in 1863. He became a contractor, furnishing supplies for the construction of Fort Custer, Fort Assinniboine, and Fort Maginnis.
  6. The city has a total area of 3.28 square miles, all of it land.
  7. Havre is located at 48°33′N 109°41′W (48.5454, -109.6775).
  8. The average elevation of Havre is 2,529 feet, above sea level.
  9. The hottest temperature recorded in Havre was 111 °F or 43.9 °C on August 5, 1961, and the coldest was −57 °F or −49.4 °C on January 27, 1916.
  10. Havre was incorporated as a city in 1903.
Facts About Havre, Montana
Facts About Havre, Montana