10 Interesting Facts About Humenne

Interesting Facts About Humenne

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Facts About Humenne

  • Humenné is a town in the Prešov Region (“kraj”) in eastern Slovakia and the second largest town of the historic Zemplín region.
  • Humenné is a centre of one of the easternmost districts (“okres”) in Slovakia.
  • The name comes from a common Slavic word “humno” (gumьno). In Slovak “backyard”, the exact meaning may differ in dialects.
  • Humenné is twinned with Darney, France; Jarosław, Poland; Mátészalka, Hungary; Mukachevo, Ukraine; Perechyn, Ukraine; Przemyśl, Poland; Sanok, Poland; Šibenik, Croatia; Třebíč, Czech Republic & Vidnoye, Russia.
  • Geographic Coordinates of Humenne is 48°56′09″N 21°54′24″E.
  • Humenné is surrounded by ruins of medieval castles and an open-air museum of architecture situated in the town park.
  • The town developed from an old Slav settlement mentioned for the first time in 1317.
  • The Estimated Population of Humenne is 33,860.
  • Humenne lies at the volcanic Vihorlat mountains and at the confluence of the Laborec and Cirocha Rivers.
  • Area of Humenné is 754.2 km².
Interesting Facts About Humenne
Interesting Facts About Humenne
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