10 Interesting Facts About Hyderabad


Facts About Hyderabad

  1. Hyderabad is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Telangana and the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. The name Hyderabad means “Haydar’s city” or “lion city”, from haydar ‘lion’ and ābād ‘city’, after Caliph Ali Ibn Abi Talib, also known as Haydar because of his lion-like valour in battle.
  3. In 1687, the city was annexed by the Mughals.
  4. Hyderabad is ranked 4th among the most populous cities in India.
  5. The historic city established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah on the southern side of the Musi River forms the “Old City”, while the “New City” encompasses the urbanised area on the northern banks.
  6. Hyderabadi Biryani was first introduced in India during the period of Nizam rule.
  7. The Ramoji Film City is considered the biggest film studio complex in the world with a massive area of around 2000 acres.
  8. Archaeologists excavating near the city have unearthed Iron Age sites that may date from 500 BCE.
  9. The Salar Jung Museum is considered the best museum in Southern India. It has around 40,000 collections from all over the world.
  10. Hyderabad was founded by the Quṭb Shāhī sultans of Golconda, under whom the kingdom of Golconda attained a position of importance second only to that of the Mughal Empire to the north.
  11. In 1918 the nizam established Osmania University, and it is now one of the best universities in India.
  12. Hyderabad has the fifth-largest urban economy in India.
  13. Since 1956, the city has housed the winter office of the President of India.
  14. In 2014, Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated to form Telangana and Hyderabad became the joint capital of the two states with a transitional arrangement scheduled to end in 2024.
  15. Relics of the Qutb Shahi and Nizam rules remain visible today; the Charminar has come to symbolise the city.
 Facts About Hyderabad
Facts About Hyderabad
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