10 Interesting Facts About Jackson, Wyoming

Interesting Facts About Jackson, Wyoming (2)

Facts About Jackson

  1. The town is often erroneously referred to as “Jackson Hole”, the valley in which it is located.
  2. The town gained significant fame when a Livestream of the town square went viral on YouTube in 2016, leading to much fascination with the town’s elk antler arch, its law enforcement, and its prevalence of red trucks.
  3. Jackson Hole was originally populated by Native American tribes including the Shoshoni, Crow, Blackfeet, Bannock, and Gros Ventre.
  4. Jackson is located at 43°28′31″N 110°46′9″W (43.475, −110.769).
  5. Jackson has an elevation of 6,237 feet above sea level.
  6. The town has a total area of 2.95 square miles, of which 2.91 square miles is land and 0.04 square miles is water.
  7. The average household income in Jackson is $98,336, and the town’s poverty rate is a low 5.99%.
  8. The Town of Jackson was named in 1894.
  9. Jackson was officially incorporated in 1914.
  10. The town of Jackson elected the first all-female town council in 1920.
Facts About Jackson, Wyoming
Facts About Jackson, Wyoming