10 Interesting Facts About Joliette

Facts About Joliette

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Facts About Joliette

  • Joliette was founded as L’Industrie by businessman Barthélemy Joliette in 1823.
  • Joliette was incorporated as a city in 1863.
  • Joliette is a mid-size city in the region of Quebec in Canada.
  • Joliette has 3 francophone high schools and 1 anglophone high school as well as the Joliette campus of the Cégep régional de Lanaudière.
  • Joliette is the seat of the judicial district of Joliette.
  • The Estimated Population of Joliette is 21 945.
  • Establishment of the Joliette diocese in 1904 confirmed the town as a regional service centre.
  • Latitude & Longitude of Joliette: 46°01’00.4″N & 73°26’56.9″W.
  • Notable people born in Joliette: Francine Racette, Charles Richard-Hamelin & Paul Tellier.
  • The city’s economy is mainly in the manufacturing and service sectors. The largest gravel manufacturer in the area, Graybec, is located in Joliette and exploits a huge quarry just outside the city.
Interesting Facts About Joliette
Interesting Facts About Joliette
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