10 Interesting Facts About Kanpur

Facts About Kanpur

Facts About Kanpur

  1. In 1207, Raja Kanh Deo of the Kanhpuria clan established the village of Kanpur, which later came to be known as Kanpur.
  2. Kanpur is famous for its leather and textile industries. 
  3. Kanpur historically called Cawnpore is a metropolis in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.
  4. Hinduism is a majority in Kanpur with a sizeable minority of Muslims. Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists are below 2 per cent.
  5. In 2018, Kanpur was considered by the World Health Organization as the city with the world’s worst air pollution.
  6. Kanpur has the second oldest 9 holes half Golf course in India after Kolkata.
  7. The estimated population of Kanpur is 3.1 Million, as of 2020.
  8. The urban district of Kanpur Nagar serves as the headquarters of the Kanpur Division, Kanpur Range and Kanpur Zone.
  9. Kanpur is widely regarded as the “Leather City of the World” and is predominantly nicknamed as the “Manchester of the East” or “Manchester of India.
  10. Kanpur’s Allen Forest Zoo is one of the few zoos in India created in a natural forest.
Facts About Kanpur
Interesting Facts About Kanpur