10 Interesting Facts About Karlovy Vary

Facts About Karlovy Vary

Facts About Karlovy Vary

  • Karlovy Vary is a spa city in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic.
  • Karlovy Vary lies on the confluence of the rivers Ohře and Teplá, approximately 130 km west of Prague.
  • Karlovy Vary is named after Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia, who founded the city.
  • Karlovy Vary is the site of numerous hot springs and is the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic: 13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and the warm-water Teplá River.
  • The city has been used as the location for a number of film shoots, including the 2006 films Last Holiday and box-office hit Casino Royale, both of which used the city’s Grandhotel Pupp in different guises.
  • The estimated population of Karlovy Vary is 48,723.
  • Karlovy Vary is made up of 15 city parts and villages: Karlovy Vary, Bohatice, Čankov, Cihelny, Doubí, Drahovice, Dvory, Hůrky, Olšová Vrata, Počerny, Rosnice, Rybáře, Sedlec, Stará Role & Tašovice.
  • The famous Karlovarské oplatky (Carlsbad wafers) originated in the city in 1867. It has also lent its name to “Carlsbad plums”, candied stuffed zwetschgen.
  • Karlovy Vary is twinned with Baden-Baden, Germany; Bernkastel-Kues, Germany; Carlsbad, United States; Eilat, Israel; Kusatsu, Japan; Locarno, Switzerland & Varberg, Sweden.
  • In 1325, Obora, a village in today’s city area, was mentioned. Karlovy Vary as a small spa settlement was founded most likely around 1349.


Facts About Karlovy Vary
Facts About Karlovy Vary