8 Interesting Facts About Karlstad

Facts About Karlstad

Facts About Karlstad

  1. Karlstad is a city, the seat of Karlstad Municipality, the capital of Värmland County, and the largest city in the province Värmland in Sweden.
  2. Karlstad is built on the river delta where Sweden’s longest river, Klarälven, runs into Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern. It has the second largest lake port in the country after Västerås.
  3. Karlstad is often associated with sunshine and the symbol for Karlstad is a smiling sun. Karlstad is reputed to be one of the sunniest towns in Sweden.
  4. In 1905, the agreement to dissolve the union between Norway and Sweden was signed in Karlstad.
  5. Karlstad has suffered four major fires. Only the cathedral and a few houses remained after the last fire on July 2, 1865. Karlstad was thereafter rebuilt according to a grid pattern with wide streets surrounded by trees.
  6. The Population of Karlstad is 61,492, as of 2015.
  7. Karlstad was granted its city charter on March 5, 1584, by the Swedish Duke Charles, who would later be crowned King Charles IX of Sweden.
  8. The city derives its name from the King – Karlstad literally means Charles’ city.
Facts About Karlstad
Facts About Karlstad