10 Interesting Facts About Katowice

Facts About Katowice

Facts About Katowice

  • Katowice is a centre of science, culture, industry, business, trade, and transportation in Upper Silesia and southern Poland, and the main city in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region.
  • Katowice is a city in southern Poland, the capital city of the Silesian Region, and a centre of the Upper Silesia and Dąbrowa Basin Metropolis.
  • Katowice is the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony and Orchestra. It also hosts the finals of Intel Extreme Masters, an Esports video game tournament.
  • In 2015, Katowice joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and was named a UNESCO City of Music.
  • The area around Katowice, in Upper Silesia, has been inhabited by ethnic Polish Silesians from its earliest documented history.
  • Kattowitz gained city status in 1865 in the Prussian Province of Silesia.
  • Katowice is twinned with: Cologne, Germany; Donetsk, Ukraine; Groningen, Netherlands; Košice, Slovakia; Lviv, Ukraine; Miskolc, Hungary; Mobile, United States; Odense, Denmark; Opava, Czech Republic; Ostrava, Czech Republic; Pula, Croatia; Saint-Étienne, France; Shenyang, China & South Dublin, Ireland.
  • The urbanised city of Katowice is actually covered by 42% forests and 15% agricultural land.
  • The whole metropolitan area is the 16th most economically powerful city by GDP in the European Union with an output amounting to $114.5 billion.
  • The Population of Katowice is 292,774, as of 2019.
Facts About Katowice
Facts About Katowice