10 Interesting Facts About Kiruna

10 Interesting Facts About Kiruna

Facts About Kiruna

  1. Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland.
  2. The Population of Kiruna is 22,906, as of 2019.
  3. Kiruna is twinned with: Rovaniemi, Finland; Archangelsk, Russia; Apatity, Russia; Narvik, Norway & Rustavi, Georgia.
  4. Esrange Space Center was established in Kiruna in the 1960s.
  5. In 1948, Kiruna gained city rights and started to receive large amounts of money from the mine.
  6. The Kiruna Icehotel has been built in Jukkasjärvi each winter since 1990 and is a major tourist attraction.
  7. In June 2010 the municipal council decided that the town would be moved eastwards, in the direction of Tuolluvaara, The moving of the town started in 2014 and the plan describes a process that continues to 2100.
  8. In 2007, the Swedish government announced that Kiruna would be the host of Spaceport Sweden, signing an agreement with Virgin Galactic.
  9. Nobale Resistance of Kiruna are Börje Salming, Per Spett, Svarta Bjorn & Hanna Öberg.
  10. Archaeological findings have shown that the region around Kiruna has been inhabited for at least 6,000 years.
Kiruna Facts
Facts About Kiruna

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