10 Interesting Facts About Kuressaare

Interesting Facts About Kuressaare

Facts About Kuressaare

  1. The town first appeared on maps around 1154.
  2. The town is situated on the southern coast of Saaremaa island, facing the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea, and is served by the Kuressaare Airport, Roomassaare harbour, and Kuressaare yacht harbour.
  3. Kuressaare is twinned with: Vammala, Finland; Turku, Finland; Mariehamn, Finland; Talsi, Latvia; Ekenäs, Finland; Skövde, Sweden; Rønne, Denmark & Kuurne, Belgium.
  4. Kuressaare’s historic name was Arensburg.
  5. The town’s name shortened to Kuressaare and became official in 1918 after Estonia had declared its independence from Bolshevist Russia. Under the Soviet rule, the town was renamed Kingissepa in 1952; after the Bolshevik Kuressaare-native Viktor Kingissepp executed in 1922. The name Kuressaare was restored in 1990.
  6. There are nine neighbourhoods of Kuressaare.
  7. The estimated population of Kuressaare is 13,382, as of 2017.
  8. Kuressaare is the capital of Saaremaa, the largest of Estonia’s islands.
  9. Kuressaare Episcopal Castle, also known as Kuressaare Castle, is one of the most interesting and best-preserved fortresses in Estonia.
  10. On March 06, 1945, Kuressaare aerodrome was opened and a first regular flight between Kuressaare and Tallinn took place.
Interesting Facts About Kuressaare
Interesting Facts About Kuressaare