10 Interesting Facts About Lawrence, Kansas

Facts About Lawrence, Kansas

Facts About Lawrence

  1. Boyhood home of writer and poet Langston Hughes whose novel “Not Without Laughter” is said to be based on his life in Lawrence.
  2. Lawrence was founded by the New England Emigrant Aid Company and was named for Amos A. Lawrence, a Republican abolitionist originally from Massachusetts, who offered financial aid and support for the settlement.
  3. Lawrence was central to the “Bleeding Kansas” period, and the site of the Wakarusa War and the Sacking of Lawrence.
  4. Lawrence’s economy diversified into many industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and education, beginning with the founding of the University of Kansas in 1865 and Haskell Indian Nations University in 1884.
  5. The city of Lawrence has a total area of 34.26 square miles, of which, 33.56 square miles is land and 0.70 square miles is water, and is split between Wakarusa Township and Grant Township with small portions in Lecompton, Kanwaka and Clinton Townships.
  6. The city of Lawrence has 94,934 residents including 35,140 households and 17,201 families.
  7. Lawrence has four sister cities Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan; Iniades, Greece & El Papaturro, El Salvador.
  8. Massachusetts Street was designated the “main” street because Lawrence’s founders were from Massachusetts. The street is the focal point of uniquely-Lawrence dining, shopping, entertainment and a fiery pre-Civil War history.
  9. Lawrence was founded in 1854 by the New England Emigrant Aid Society in an effort to keep the territory free from slavery.
  10. Lawrence has a designated elevation of 866 feet, above sea level, the highest elevation is Mount Oread on the University of Kansas campus with an elevation of 1,020 feet.


Facts About Lawrence, Kansas
Facts About Lawrence, Kansas