10 Interesting Facts About Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton, Oklahoma facts

Facts About Lawton, Oklahoma

  1. Lawton is primarily centred on government, manufacturing, and retail trade industries.
  2. Lawton is the fifth-largest city in Oklahoma, located at 34°36′16″N 98°23′45″W (34.604444 N, 98.395833 W)
  3. Lawton was founded by European Americans on 6 August 1901.
  4. The town was named after Major General Henry Ware Lawton, who served in the Civil War, where he earned the Medal of Honor, and was killed in action in the Philippine–American War.
  5. Lawton is known for massive granite deposits as well as cotton.
  6. Lawton lies in an area typical of the Great Plains, with prairie, few trees, and flat topography with gently rolling hills.
  7. Lawton Averages 21 Days Of Temperatures 100 Or Above Each Year.
  8. The estimated population of Lawton is 93,535 as of 2020.
  9. The city has a total area of 75.1 sq mi
  10. The city has been included on the Forbes’ List of the “Best Small Places for Business and Careers.”


Facts About Lawton, Oklahoma
Facts About Lawton, Oklahoma