10 Interesting Facts About Leavenworth, Kansas

Interesting Facts About Leavenworth, Kansas

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Facts About Leavenworth

  1. In 1827, Colonel Henry Leavenworth founded Fort Leavenworth on the bluffs of the Missouri River.
  2. Leavenworth was founded in 1854, as the very first city in Kansas.
  3. Leavenworth is the county seat and largest city of Leavenworth County, Kansas, United States and is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  4. As the city was founded by Henry Leavenworth a number of places named after him are the city of Leavenworth, Kansas, Leavenworth County, Kansas, and the Leavenworth Penitentiary.
  5. The city lies on the west bank of the Missouri River in the Dissected Till Plains region of North America’s Central Lowlands.
  6. In 2008, an underground series of “vaults” was found in the city, apparently built during the late 19th century.
  7. Leavenworth is located at 39°18′40″N 94°55′21″W (39.3111112, −94.9224637) at an elevation of 840 feet.
  8. The city of Leavenworth has a total area of 24.06 square miles, of which, 24.04 square miles is land and 0.02 square miles is water. Fort Leavenworth occupies the northern half of the city’s area.
  9. Leavenworth is the 10th most populated city in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  10. Leavenworth is twinned with the following sister cities Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia & Ōmihachiman, Japan.


Facts About Leavenworth, Kansas
Facts About Leavenworth, Kansas
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