10 Interesting Facts About Levice

Facts About Levice

Facts About Levice

  • Levice is first mentioned as Leua, one of the villages belonging to the parish of St. Martin’s Church in Bratka in 1156. Levice was part of the comitatus Tekov.
  • Levice is the birthplace of geographer Kálmán Kittenberger.
  • Levice is the capital of the Levice District, which is the largest district in Slovakia at 1,551 square kilometres.
  • Levice is a town in western Slovakia.
  • Levice is twinned with Boskovice, Czech Republic; Érd, Hungary; Náměšť na Hané, Czech Republic; Ruda Śląska, Poland & Skierniewice, Poland.
  • Levice is the birthplace of Kinga Pavlikova.
  • The estimated Population of Levice is 33,682.
  • Levice heraldic animal is the lion, in Slovak lev, and the town’s colours are green and yellow.
  • The 150-year long Turkish occupation, which started in the 16th century, weakened the town economically and made it more dependent on the castle’s estate.
  • The town lies on the left bank of the lower Hron river. The Old Slavic name of the town was Leva, which means “the Left One”.
Facts About Levice
Facts About Levice