10 Interesting Facts About Liptovska Mara

Facts About Liptovska Mara

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Facts About Liptovska Mara

  • Liptovská Mara is a reservoir in northern Slovakia, on the Váh river near Liptovský Mikuláš, in the Liptov region.
  • The dam is named after one of the inundated villages.
  • Liptovska Mara was built in 1965–1975.
  • The area of the reservoir is 22 km², max. depth is 45 m and the capacity is 360 mil. m³.
  • During construction, nine villages were inundated and a major railway and road relocated.
  • The main purpose of this dam is to prevent floods, although it also generates electricity.
  • The Dam is used as a recreational site. 
  • The reconstructed Celtic oppidum Havránok is situated on a hill above the dam.
  • Liptovská Mara is the largest water dam in Slovakia.
  • Liptovská Mara is surrounded by mountains such as the Choč Mountains, the Western Tatras and the Low Tatras.


Liptovska Mara
Interesting Facts About Liptovska Mara
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