10 Interesting Facts About Marysville, Washington

Facts About Marysville, Washington

Facts About Marysville

  • Marysville was established in 1872 as a trading post by James P. Comeford but was not populated by other settlers until 1883.
  • Marysville is a city in Snohomish County, Washington, United States, part of the Seattle metropolitan area.
  • Marysville has a total area of 20.94 square miles 20.68 square miles of land and 0.26 square miles of water.
  • The growth of strawberry fields in Marysville led to the city being nicknamed the “Strawberry City” in the 1920s.
  • Marysville’s history dates back to 1855, the year in which the Point Elliott Treaty was signed. The signing of this treaty opened up the local area for settlement.
  • Marysville was officially incorporated on March 20, 1891.
  • Marysville is oriented north-south along Interstate 5, bordering the Tulalip Indian Reservation to the west, and State Route 9 to the east.
  • The estimated population of Marysville is 68,633, as of 2019.
  • The city’s topography varies from the low-lying downtown, located along the banks of Ebey Slough 5 feet above sea level, rising to 160 feet near Smokey Point and over 465 feet in the eastern highlands.
  • The City of Marysville’s comprehensive plan defines 11 general neighbourhoods within the city and its urban growth boundary: Downtown, Jennings Park, Sunnyside, East Sunnyside/Whiskey Ridge, Cedarcrest/Getchell Hill, North Marysville/Pinewood, Kellogg Marsh, Marshall/Kruse, Shoultes, Smokey Point, and Lakewood.
Facts About Marysville, Washington
Interesting Facts About Marysville, Washington