10 Interesting Facts About Mazyr

Interesting Facts About Mazyr

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Facts About Mazyr

  • Mazyr is one of the oldest cities of historical Ruthenia. First mentioned in the mid-12th century as part of Duchy of Vladimir, and then the Duchy of Kyiv.
  • Mazyr is twinned with Chojnice, Poland & Severodvinsk, Russia.
  • Mazyr is the capital of modern rock music of Gomel region, where since 2003 International Festival of Music is organized.
  • The city received town rights first from king Stefan Batory in 1577 and then from King Sigismund III of Poland in 1609.
  • Since 1938 the town was a seat of Polesie region, however, in 1954 it lost that status and was administratively attached to the region of Gomel.
  • Mazyr is a city in Gomel Region of Belarus on the Pripyat River.
  • The Druzhba pipeline carries crude oil from Russia splitting in two at Mazyr. One pipeline branch is directed into Poland and the other one to Ukraine.
  • The estimated population of Mazyr is 111,801.
  • Mazyr is located at approximately 52°03′N 29°15′E.
  • Mazyr is known as a centre of oil refining, salt extraction, machine building, and food processing in Belarus.
Interesting Facts About Mazyr
Interesting Facts About Mazyr


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