10 Interesting Facts About Melk


10 interesting facts about melk 1 Facts About Melk

Facts About Melk:

  1. In 1950, the first official women’s Austrian Chess Championship was held in Melk, the winner of which was Salome Reischer.
  2. The town is first mentioned as Medilica in 831 in a donation of Louis the German; the name is from a Slavic word for ‘border.
  3. Melk received market rights in 1227 and became a municipality in 1898.
  4. Melk has a population of 5,297, as of 2015.
  5. The area around Melk was given to Leopold I, Margrave of Austria, in the year 976 to serve as a buffer between the Magyars to east and Bavaria to the west.
  6. The co-protagonist of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose is Adso of Melk, a Benedictine novice traveling in 1327.
  7. The old bread store with its tiny towers is about 400 years old and is still covered with the original shingle roof. Behind the old bread store extends the oldest lane in Melk, the Sterngasse, which used to be the main street of the town.
  8. During World War II, a subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp was located in Melk.
  9. Melk is a city of Austria, in the federal state of Lower Austria, next to the Wachau valley along the Danube.
  10. The hidden Haus am Stein (‘house at the rock’) is the oldest building of Melk, built during the 15th century.

10 interesting facts about melk Facts About Melk