10 Interesting Facts About Moncton

Facts About Moncton

Facts About Moncton

  • Moncton is the largest urban centre in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.
  • The city has earned the nickname “Hub City” because of its central inland location in the region and its history as a railway and land transportation hub for the Maritimes.
  • Moncton was officially founded in 1766 with the arrival of Pennsylvania Germans immigrants from Philadelphia.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in Moncton was 37.8 °C on August 18 & 19, 1935. The coldest temperature ever recorded was −37.8 °C on February 5, 1948.
  • The Estimated population of Moncton is 71,889.
  • Moncton lies in southeastern New Brunswick, at the geographic centre of the Maritime Provinces. The city is located along the north bank of the Petitcodiac River at a point where the river bends acutely from a west−east to north−south flow.
  • The city was named for Lt. Col. Robert Monckton, the British officer who had captured nearby Fort Beauséjour a century earlier.
  • The most dominant structure in the city is the Bell Aliant Tower, a 127 metres microwave communications tower built-in 1971.
  • Moncton is twinned with Lafayette, Louisiana, United States & North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
  • Moncton was not incorporated until 1855.
Facts About Moncton
Facts About Moncton