10 Interesting Facts About Morskie Oko

Facts About Morskie Oko

Facts About Morskie Oko

  1. Morskie Oko is the largest and fourth deepest lake in the Tatra Mountains, in southern Poland
  2. Morskie Oko is known as the Eye of the Sea in English.
  3. Morskie Oko is situated deep within the Tatra National Park in the Rybi Potok (the Fish Brook) Valley, of the High Tatras mountain range at the base of the Mięguszowiecki Summits, in Lesser Poland Voivodeship.
  4. The peaks that surround the lake rise about 1,000 meters above its surface; one of them is Rysy (2,499 meters), the highest peak in the Polish Tatras.
  5. In 1637, the Polish king Władysław IV granted landowner Wladyslaw Nowobilski the right to use pastures in the area.
  6. Morskie Oko is one of the most popular destinations in the Tatras, often receiving over 50,000 visitors during the vacation season.
  7. The earliest documents in which Morskie Oko is mentioned date back to 1575.
  8. The lake was one of the filming locations for ‘The Formula, a short film by musician Sevdaliza in 2015.
  9. In 1902, a road from Zakopane was completed and named the Oswald Balzer Road. Since 1933 following the return of sovereignty, the lake has been owned by the Polish state.
  10. The first shelter was built there in 1836 but burned down in 1865.
Facts About Morskie Oko
Interesting Facts About Morskie Oko