10 Interesting Facts About Neptune’s Fountain, Poland

Facts About Neptune's Fountain, Poland

Facts About Neptune’s Fountain

  1. The Neptune’s Fountain is located at the Długi Targ, in front of the entrance to the Artus Court.
  2. In 1549 a now unknown well was located by the entrance of Artus Court, which may have had metal decorative pieces. The well was located slightly closer to the Motława.
  3. Neptune’s Fountain is a historic fountain in Gdańsk, a mannerist-rococo masterpiece, and one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city.
  4. In the 1930s, Nazis removed the historic Polish Eagles from the fountain’s fence as part of removing traces of the city’s Polish history and heritage.
  5. This statue of the God of the Sea was made from bronze in 1549.
  6. A full renovation of the fountain occurred between September 2011 and April 2012.
  7. The bronze was the work of Flemish artist Peter Husen.
  8. A menagerie of stone sea creatures was added in the 1750s during restoration.
  9. Neptune’s Fountain was converted to its current fountain form in 1633.
  10. the mayor was looking for a worthy symbol that would characterize Gdańsk as powerful wealthy European trading city. The monument had to replace the original unknown water well that existed at the same place.
Facts About Neptune's Fountain, Poland
Facts About Neptune’s Fountain, Poland