10 Interesting Facts About New Glasgow

Facts About New Glasgow

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Facts About New Glasgow

  • New Glasgow is a town in Pictou County, in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • New Glasgow is situated on the banks of the East River of Pictou, which flows into Pictou Harbour, a sub-basin of the Northumberland Strait.
  • Scottish immigrants, including those on the ship Hector in 1773, settled the area of the East River of Pictou during the late 18th and early 19th centuries
  • The settlement was officially named “New Glasgow”, after Glasgow in Scotland, in 1809, the same year its first trading post was developed.
  • New Glasgow is divided by the East River, a tidal estuary with brackish water.
  • The Estimated Population of New Glasgow is 9,075.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in New Glasgow was 36.0 °C on 10 August 2001. The coldest temperature ever recorded was −39.4 °C on 2 February 1961.
  • New Glasgow was incorporated as a town in 1875.
  • New Glasgow has a land area of 9.96 km2 (3.85 sq mi).
  • In 1946, New Glasgow was the setting for an important civil rights case when Viola Desmond challenged racial segregation of New Glasgow’s Roseland Theatre.
Facts About New Glasgow
Facts About New Glasgow
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