10 Interesting Facts About North Battleford

Facts About North Battleford

Facts About North Battleford

  • North Battleford is a city in west-central Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • North Battleford is the seventh-largest city in the province and is directly across the North Saskatchewan River from the Town of Battleford.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in North Battleford was 39.5 °C on 13 July 2002. The coldest temperature ever recorded was −51.7 °C on 1 February 1893 and 12 January 1916.
  • The Assyrians were one of the first settlers of the area in and around North Battleford. The immigrant colony comprised 36 men and a few women from the town of Urmia in northwestern Persia.
  • The Median age of the population of North Battleford is 36.9 years old.
  • The two communities, Battleford and North Battleford are known as “The Battlefords”.
  • The Latter Rain Revival, a Christian movement, started here in 1946–48.
  • Early European settlement began as a result of fur trading by French colonists in the late 18th century.
  • The North Battleford Public Library was built in 1916 with a $15,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation of New York. and the Canadian National Railways Station was built in 1956.
  • The Land area of North Battleford is 33.55 km2.
Facts About North Battleford
Facts About North Battleford