10 Interesting Facts About Örebro

Facts About Örebro

Facts About Örebro

  1. Örebro is home to Örebro University, a major university hospital, a medieval castle, the water park Gustavsvik as well as several large shopping malls and the Oset-Rynningeviken nature reserve at the lakefront.
  2. Örebro received its Royal Charter and city privileges not later than 1404.
  3. The Örebro Synod was held here in 1529.
  4. The name Örebro refers to a bridge (bro) crossing the river Svartån where the city is located. The prefix Öre- is derived from ör ‘gravel (bank)’.
  5. Örebro has hosted a contemporary art exhibition called Open Art on four occasions: in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2013.
  6. Örebro is one of the public broadcaster SVT’s 12 local news districts and has television premises located in the city.
  7. Örebro is twinned with: Łódź, Poland; Drammen, Norway; Lappeenranta, Finland; Kolding, Denmark; Stykkishólmur, Iceland; Shumen, Bulgaria; Yantai, People’s Republic of China; Terrassa, Spain & Pau, France.
  8. Örebro is a town in the county of Örebro in Sweden. It is the seat of Örebro Municipality and Örebro County.
  9. Örebro University, originally a branch of Uppsala University (1967), became an independent college in 1977 and a fully accredited university in 1999.
  10. Örebro is the sixth-largest city in Sweden and one of the largest inland hubs of the country.
Facts About Örebro
Facts About Örebro