10 Interesting Facts About Oromocto

Facts About Oromocto

Facts About Oromocto

  • The town’s name is derived from the name of the Oromocto River; “oromocto” is thought to have originated from the Maliseet word welamukotuk which means “deep water”.
  • Oromocto was originally a shipbuilding town in the 19th century but went into decline after the industry closed.
  • Oromocto is the administrative headquarters of the Oromocto First Nation band government and the site of Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, which dominates its economy and modern history.
  • Oromocto was Founded on March 16, 1493.
  • The village was initially an Acadian village. During the Expulsion of the Acadians, the village was burned in the St. John River Campaign
  • Oromocto is a Canadian town in Sunbury County, New Brunswick.
  • Sgt. J. Montminy composed and arranged a song for the newly formed Town of Oromocto, titled “This Model Town.”
  • The Gagetown Military Camp (Camp Gagetown) opened in 1955 as the largest military reservation in the Commonwealth of Nations at the time.
  • Oromocto was Incorporated as a city in 1956.
  • Oromocto’s entire economy is dominated by CFB Gagetown.
Facts About Oromocto
Facts About Oromocto