10 Interesting Facts About Owasso


Facts About Owasso

  1. Owasso is an Osage Indian word meaning “Turn Around” or “End of the Trail.” The “End of the Trail” painting is our official symbol or logo of Owasso.
  2. Owasso officially became a town under Indian Territory laws in 1904, then was later chartered as a city on September 28, 1972, with Joe Ross serving as the Owasso mayor.
  3. Owasso was incorporated as a city on September 28, 1972.
  4. Owasso was called Elm Creek and was named for Elm Creek, a tributary of Bird Creek.
  5. The name of the Elm Creek post office was officially changed to Owasso on January 24, 1900.
  6. Owasso is a northern suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma known as “Green Country” for its vegetation, hills, woods, and lakes, in contrast to the drier Great Plains region of central and western Oklahoma.
  7. The city has an area of 16.31 square miles, 99.1% of which is land, with the remainder water.
  8. The estimated population of Owasso is 36,395, as of 2020.
  9. Owasso lies in Tornado Alley and has a temperate climate of the humid subtropical variety with a yearly average temperature of 60 °F and average precipitation of 39.5 inches
  10. In 2005, The Smith Farm Marketplace, a fifty million dollar, 348,082 square foot shopping centre located along highway 169/96th in Owasso, This was the largest, single retail development in the history of the City of Owasso.


Interesting Facts About Owasso